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Hello! My name is Kristi Mallet, the dog trainer at The Pet Set. I am a graduate, with certificate, of Dog Obedience Training School and have been training professionally for 9 years. I practice in obedience training (on & off leash), protection, and therapy. I have prepared dogs for commercials on Animal Planet’s Funniest Moments and Miss Canine America and have worked with high profile and celebrity clients. I look forward to meeting you, and maybe I already know your dog! I take pride in improving relationships between dogs and their owners.

Perfect for newly purchased puppies! Ideal for busy families.

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Training Options

Training Session – $25.00

Daycare with Training
The training will include sit/stay, come, heel, down, housebreaking, problem elimination, and preparation for off-leash training. Private meetings with you and your dog will be scheduled so your dog will understand your directions.

12 days of Daycare + Training Card – $657.50
Daycare + Training – $57.5 per day

Puppy Training
Puppy training special is for dogs 6 months and under. This will help with problem elimination that comes with puppyhood.

12 days Daycare Training Card – $390
Daycare + Training – $32.5 per day

Board and Training – $1,000 per week
We now offer an extensive six-week program of training, boarding, and daycare. Your dog will learn the basics of sit, stay, come, down, and heel. Housebreaking included if needed, and any problem behavior elimination. Advanced and Off-Leash are always available.
* Includes 4 training sessions per day

In-Home Training
This six-week program saves you time and eliminates the hassle of leaving home. We personalize the training to your lifestyle and allow your entire family to participate while your pet feels comfortable in your own home.

Consultation Fee – $100 (1 hour)

Daycare + Training In-home – $200 (With a 2 week daycare process as combo)

3 Sessions In-home – $600

No Daycare; In-Home only – $250

Dog Walking – $25/hour
Does your pal need some fresh air and that extra attention? One of our proud associates will gladly take your pal on a leisurely stroll from Petset to the nearby park.

CGC & S.T.A.R. Puppy Testing (Socialization Training Activity Responsible) Testing – $50/test
Testing/Certification to promote that each dog and their owner is positively educated. The purpose of this program is meant to reward dogs for having good manners, which enhances the public acceptance of dogs. Inquire within details of how this program may save you money on your homeowner & auto insurance.

Customer Testimonials

We pride ourselves in the excellent customer satisfaction through solid results making for happy owners and happier tail-waggers. See what our customers say about our training program.

“We’ve been working with Kristi for 3 weeks now and the changes in Tundra are incredible…[Kristi] is a miracle worker, and we were very lucky to find her, she has helped us communicate with and understand Tundra, and we have a calm and happy household once again.”
Sincerely, Kymberlie & Scot McCullough

“We just completed dog training with Kristi. Our new rescue puppy had some unacceptable habits (chewing on furniture for one) and also needed leash training. Kristi was fabulous! She was always patient and positive – with both the dogs and the adults, In fact, both dogs are so excited to see her and perform. ln just a short time, the chewing has stopped and Lizzie is a well-behaved puppy. We had had a prior experience with dog training, many years ago that was not pleasant, so we were concerned how this would work. But Kristi’s upbeat positive attitude and love of animals made all the difference. Thank you, Kristie”