My dog and I both love this place. My dog is able to stay for up to 12 hours a day and play or rest as much or as little as she pleases all for only $25. I like the security of knowing she is with someone while I am at work.

I only wish they opened a few minutes earlier for those of us who need to be at work at 7 am. The doggie cam is a great feature and the staff is happy to check on your dog if you haven't see her on the doggie cam in awhile. The staff totally understands that your dog is your baby and they treat them as such. We have friends and family all across the country and in the UK that check the doggie cam to see our dog and then give us updates on how she spent her day. The grooming staff does a great job and it's so nice to take in a dirty playful dog and pick up a clean tired dog.

In regards to the yelper who gave a negative review because pit mixes are not accepted, I can tell you that is one reason I trust this place. Not only are pits not accepted but they take every dog through an evaluation and only non-aggressive dogs are allowed to come to daycare. I've even watched on camera where a dog has been pestering my dog and the staff comes and redirects the pestering dog to another activity. So, if only I could drop off my dog at 6:45 instead of 7am this place would be perfect and my dog could go more often.
- Sheila C. Long Beach CA

Sheila C., Long Beach CA